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Event Planning Is A Very Collaborative Process

We collect information months in advance of your special event or wedding day and design your event around our custom planner.

  1. The preparations begin two hours before anyone arrives. We're set up wherever sound is required, so there's no need to move equipment once your event begins.

  2. Your ceremony includes wireless lapel mics and perfectly timed music for your procession and Newlywed exit. These are your options, and we even talk about timing....because your entrance must be accompanied by the perfect music crescendo.

  3. We work together to come up with the perfect playlist of music for cocktail hour to go along with the enthusiasm in the air.

  4. Grand entrances are something we love! Most simply play a song for the wedding party. Imagine creatively introducing them to a few witty sayings that will make them blush while also making your guests laugh. You'll find that we have some wonderful ideas to share!

  5. During meal service, toasts, and dessert, we have some pretty cool ways to engage guests. A little imagination and humor can go a long way.

  6. Consider this: your guests have gathered around your dancefloor. I then tell a story about how you both secretly recorded your feelings for each other, sent them to me, and I remixed those feelings into your first dance. And, for the first time, you share it with each other and your guests. It's an incredible moment that we plan for ahead of time, but only if you're interested!

  7. Party Time! We dim the lights, turn on our dancefloor lights, and invite your guests to stay and party with you until the end. We love a favorites list, a "no way" list, and we welcome guest requests. We know how to have a good time!!!

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