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With the following extra touches, you can add your personal style and create a one-of-a-kind Wedding Celebration or Special Event. We offer uplighting to bring your venue to life, monograms to put your "Name In Lights," projectors to show your love story, and more to make your wedding or event truly unique.

Custom Gobo Design.jpg

Custom Gobo Design

Project your own custom image, initials, or graphic to an inside (or outside) wall to add an extra special touch! A custom design or monogram will be created with your names or initials to create a sophisticated, personalized effect that can be shined onto a wall, dance floor, or behind the head table using a high-end digital projector. This ensures the image is focused from all angles.

Fog Machine.jpg

Fog Machine

This is a great way to heighten the effects of the included DJ Lighting, especially the lasers and the moving heads! (Please check with your venue first… not all allow fog due to certain types of smoke detectors and alarms). Our fog machine is used to produce dense, unscented and long lasting fog, ideal for live concerts, stages, theaters, parties, weddings, pubs, balls and family entertainment gatherings.

Recording Studio

Recorded Message

Why not have us create a custom recording just for you? Make your First Dance memorable and add Love Messages to each other, or custom edit your entrance music? Leave Dad or Mom a surprise message as part of the song when you are dancing together. The sky is the limit to what we can produce in our recording studio for you.



Create maximum impact with your reception decor without busting the bank. Choose from countless shades to envelop your reception with a beautiful glow that packs an elegant punch. Uplighting is one of the most cost-effective and elegant ways to add to the ambiance in your banquet hall/venue.  By changing colors, the uplights can also help boost the energy in the entire room during your grand entrance!

Dancing on the Clouds.jpg

Dance On The Clouds

Want to have a your first dance be the dance that everyone will remember? The dancing on the clouds effect accomplishes this by making your wedding even more unique than it already was. This add-on produces 1-2 feet of fog (it stays on the ground, and does not rise) on the dance floor for your first dance and/or grand entrance. It really gives you the surreal effect of dancing on the clouds. 

QSC Powered Subwoofer.jpeg

QSC Subwoofer

The low frequencies produced by a subwoofer help produce the full, rich, dimensional sound that so many people love. Recommended for some events with over 200 guests, large venues, or where extra bass is important. Sub-woofers are a great choice to “fill out” your audio experience‘s by reinforcing the low frequencies.

 A Great choice for all genres and Ideal for an awesome dance party!

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